why do some people not get hangovers

We all know at least one person who earns eye-rolls because they re over 18-years-old yet they claim to not suffer hangovers. Well, they might not be the big liar liars with pants aflame that we thought they were. According to Dr. Sarah Jarvis, a general practitioner and charity medical advisor who recently spat some truths about hangovers,В
Itвs true that some people are less prone to hangovers. Grrr. But why? Why can t I be one of those blessed headache proof demi-gods?

There are a few reasons why some lucky sons of guns are less likely to wake up feeling half decomposed: perhaps they re just less likely to have dehydration-related headaches, or may they re less susceptible to the effects ofВ acetaldehyde, the toxic substance produced when alcohol is first metabolised in the liver. Before we cry witchcraft, and put these pitchforks to use, it s not all pleasant for these hangover resistant jerks.

Just because they don t feel the short term effects of boozy binges does not mean they are immune to the longer-term effects of alcohol, like the bad ones we learned about in D. A. R. E. According to Dr. Jarvis, the hang-overless ones are could put themselves in danger by assuming they have such a high threshold that they really are super heroes of liquor. Without the deterrent of hangovers, some people become bacchanal lushes who don t know when to stop.

More sinister still, they are perhaps already so screwed and perceive their sake-bomb damaged body as one that is just high tolerance. Per Dr. Jarvis: вThe more alcohol your body processes, the more your tolerance to short-term effects increases, but long-term damage to the body depends on how much alcohol you have processed in your lifetime. в I guess there s a lesson in here.

Appreciate your hangovers, they may be saving you from alcohol s bigger plan for revenge. via //Image via Shutterstock I had absinthe once (as in on one night, I certainly had more than one drink! ) during a 'lost weekend' in Brussels during my 20s. It gave me the most vivid nightmares I've ever experienced. I completely freaked out the guy I was sharing a bed with by screaming my head off. I don't even remember doing that.

Due to the miracle of being young, I was up and about and had no hangover when I got up about about midday. Nowadays I'd probably still be suffering 3 days later. That's all theoretical now though, as I only drink about once a year, usually Christmas Day if I spend it with relatives. Even then its just sufficient to deaden the pain, and that doesn't take more than a few glasses if you don't drink for the rest of the year.