why do some people not get bitten by bed bugs

Why do bed bugs bite my spouse, but not me? Or even worse, Why do they bite me but not my wife, husband, kids, etc? Sometimes it s more of a statement and oddly enough it s presented as a point of pride as though not being delicious to bed bugs is something they ve worked hard to achieve While bed bug tastes may vary, we ll never know for sure until one of them develops the ability to speak and can confirm. Until that day we re stuck assuming what we know from clinical research and observation. So why do some people get bitten by bed bugs and others do not? Turns out that s the wrong question based on observation. The better question is why do some people break out in rash when they have a bed bug infestation and others do not?

Once you realize that is the question then the answer is simple:
Some people are allergic to bed bug saliva. You and your spouse are, in fact, both being bitten. One of you is allergic and the other is not. If your spouse is getting a rash and you are not, it simply means their body reacts to the bite and yours does not. In fact, in some cultures a majority of the people do not react to bed bug bites. Bed bugs are common and are not as often controlled. To most they re not considered a problem. At least not a problem that needs to be dealt with given the time and money required to eradicate them.

They take steps to control the population but typically not total elimination. Increased overseas travel and immigration have brought about the resurgence of bed bugs to the United States. Most Americans break out in rashes. It doesn t mean we taste better. Oddly enough, a rash on one person from bites often look completely different from another. Google bed bug bites on google and look at the different rashes. If your dermatologist can t figure out what that rash is, you may want to check your mattress. If the person with the rash is also bleeding, know that the bed bugs are not actually causing the bleeding.

It s the person scratching at the bites in the middle of the night while asleep. And the blood on the sheets isn t necessarily from the bleeding. Often times it s a smashed bed bug. Take that as a small victory. So if your wife or husband is waking every morning with a rash it doesn t mean they are delicious and you taste horrible. Sorry to ruin that thought. If it makes you feel better, then it is possible you taste horrible but you re still getting bitten by bed bugs. Hi LBO, I first observed this several years ago. I was treating a property where the occupant only reported bite responses when he arrived at work suspecting that it was a vehicle based infestation.

After expensive searching I found they were only present in the master bedroom and that he worked in a location of notoriously high hydrocarbon pollution. For legal reasons I can give the name or type of location but since then I have spotted a trend between some peoples responses and locations that they travel. Another classic was a heavily infested property in the southern suburbs of London. Despite having an infestation for 9 - 12 months producing a lovely colony of some 3 - 5,000 bed bugs the main bite responder had only had bites for 5 days before we arrived. When asked what had changed int he last 7 days the answer came forward as a change in job.

The old job was based in the countryside around London and the new job was in the city center. The redness of a bite and the swelling is an immune system response which is one of the reasons why the bite response varies so much from person to person. If you think of a bed bug bite as a small hole int he surface of your skin and nothing more than that you start to see why the environment can play a significant role. As I have said before bite responses are notoriously unreliable indicators of an infestation due in part to the above reasons. Its clearly an area that more medical research is needed.