why do sandfly bites itch so much

I read all your suggestions and want to thank you for each of them. I know prevention is the best but I DID use Off with DEET. However, when you are on a beach it is hard to apply anything in a water. By the time I got to a chair with still wet feet I already noticed on my feet a tiny black dots. Only later I realized these were sand fleas. It is just not possible to not get wet and wash off Off when our destination is a beach. wantsomesun, applying ice would be possible only if I had a few bites here and there but my arms and legs were covered with red itching bites so I would need to have a bath tub full of ice. Scubagirl, we are on this tiny remote island so it is not possible to get to a drugstore around a corner but I got a vinegear, recommended by ONZGO and faithie, and at least it gave me some short relief.

Yesterday we met two visitors who came for lunch to our resort. We asked them about bugs in their resort and learned they were in a similar situation. She gets bitten by every kind of bugs on every beach vacation so she always travels with Cortisone cream. This was their last day on the island and as a result she gave me a whole tube of cortisone (recommended by Tuxedocat and Angler973). What a relief. It really works! I don t think I have enough of this wonderful stuff but we are going back home this Thursday. I know that from now on I will always travel with cortisone. Only once before I got bitten by sand fleas in Belize but nothing like this time.

As much as we like the beach here I would never return to this island because of bugs. On the top of sand fleas chiggers also got to me. I will make a note of all your suggestions before our next trip to any beach destination. Owa, I will try Gold Bond (can I buy it OTC? ). Skin-so-soft never worked for me
eks6426, I have to find out before our next beach trip how to protect myself from bites. Let me know if you find anything. Please. Joan, you may have the answer, my husband never gets bitten and maybe that one glass of red wine with dinner every night is a reason why he is immune to bug bites. LOL! Tom, we had a wonderful breeze every day but that did not stop them from getting to me. saharabee, where do you get After bite?

I would like to try it. ChristieP, do Brewer s Yeast tablets can be substituted for a bug repelent? Won t my skin smell like yeast? Thank you all again. I've been a Queenslander for seven years and should know better than to head off into the mangroves at dusk in a pair of shorts. But that's what I did on Sunday evening. The, the sandflies were ravenous. Sandflies (or biting midges), are tiny about 3mm in length. While they are not known for spreading viruses like dengue or Ross River fever (as mosquitoes are) their bite can cause very strong reactions and can drive victims crazy with their itchiness! I asked Doctor Kevin Arlett for a medical perspective on sandfly bites and he agreed the body tends to react more strongly to them than other insects such as mosquitoes or gnats. "When you scratch it it actually releases more inflammatory markers which makes it more itchy and then you tend to scratch it even more so it becomes a bit of a vicious circle," he said.

I posted a photo of my well-bitten leg on Facebook and received for treating the itch which included Vegemite, window cleaner, bicarb soda and mechanical lubricating spray. I found some relief with the bicarb soda paste applied topically, but it left my floor covered in bicarb 'scabs' as they dried and flaked off. The Vegemite and window cleaner also provided some relief. For really bad cases of insect bite Dr Arlett says steroid cream and either topical or oral antihistamines can help reduce inflammation and itchiness. "However the other complicating factor of sandfly bites is they often get infected when people scratch them excessively because they are very very itchy and sometimes people actually need to have antibiotics for that as well," he said.

Something else I learned from Dr Arlett was that sandflies tend to attack bare skin while mosquitoes will often bite through clothes. "They are a much smaller organism and they are unlikely to be able to penetrate through clothing whereas mosquitoes have quite a long proboscis and can penetrate through thin clothing although thicker clothing can prevent them as well," he said. What have you found effective for preventing and treating sandfly bites? Add your comments to our.