why do some people have recurring dreams

mouth to speak with him; she wakes up in her room in London. This mysterious dream bothers so much to Kim which gives a lot of troubles to her. She talks about it to her roommate Janet Wilson. One day Janet suggests Kim to visit her parent farm for a few days. According to their plan, they leave the city in Janet's car.

On the way, into the car Kim closes her eyes and sees the same dream which she sees in the dream. She surprises and requests Janet to stop the car. Kim gets out from the car and walks up the lane to the home. She is quite nervous on that situation. Everything is the same but there is a sign for sale in front of the house.

She goes to the door and knocks at the door. A little old man opens the door. He is the same as in her dream. Kim asks to the old man to sell the house but the old man claims that she does not want to buy this house because a ghost haunts there. She doesn't believe what he says with her.

She asks who the ghost is to the old man and the old man says she is the ghost and he closes the door from inside. There are two common explanations of this story. The first is that when Kim dreams, she sends her thoughts to the old man in the house. This means when Kim is dreaming, the old man thinks he is seeing a ghost.

The second explanation is that when Kim dreams, her spirit leave her body and visits the house.
Dream is the sequence of senses and feelings occurring the mind during sleep. Some people have recurring dream. However, it is true to some extent that the wishes, fear and the feelings and experiences of various events and scenes are manifested into the dream.

Though a person is dreaming in one place, his/her spirit goes to haunt reason of recurring dream is the deep wishes, fear, feelings, experiences as well as the events in the past life of the dreamer.