why do my testicles hurt if i dont ejaculate

A. The pain that you are classically experiencing after observing abstinence for 10-15 days is called as вBlue ballsв. Blue balls is a condition very commonly experienced by all normal men. It is characterized by pain, discomfort and aching of the genitals typically after the sexual arousal. Though uncomfortable, it is not a disease nor is it dangerous or harmful.

Blue balls results from the collection of blood, or vasocongestion in the genitals during sexual arousal. Blue balls occur when sexual arousal is not followed by ejaculation/orgasm because the pooled blood takes longer to leave the genitals when ejaculation does not occur.

All of these could cause some discomfort and pain for the man, which can only be alleviated by orgasm/ejaculation. Orgasm relieves the buildup of pressure due to this pooling of blood. Masturbation to the point of orgasm is therefore the best and fastest way to alleviate blue balls.
I dont think either Magnetic or I meant to imply that with frequent arousal and not being allowed to ejaculate that a guy wouldn't feel any discomfort especially if he hasn't had a recent ejaculation.

Certainly once there is arousal the guy feels the need to ejaculate. The point I think we were both making is that it isnt mandatory that the girl bring the guy to release.

If for some reason she wont or cant he can always masturbate and relieve the pressure himself. The point we were making was that it isnt fair for the guy to complain that she has to do it so that he wont have any discomfort. There are girls who get pleasure out of teasing a guy and then denying him release.

That isnt fair either. A girl who knows the effect arousal has on her b/f should be prepared to offer him release if she arouses him to that point. But, he has to be willing to take no for an answer at any point too. Discussing the need with her is fine. Telling her that she has to do it isn't.