why do people think smoking weed is cool

lol you re not convincing anyone. who are you trying to impress LOL better shape, nicer car. you sound like some petulant high school kid. don t get so defensive. it s perfectly okay to be ashamed of smoking weed. it s a huge problem with kids everywhere. you can change yourself though, it s not too late
it s probably a really retarded major that you can coast through lol. actual smart college people don t smoke weed.

Title pretty much says it all.

Why do people that smoke weed feel the constant need to tell you they smoke weed? It seems that every other PUG I get into, someone makes some sort of OMG I'm so high dude. or sec I'm hitting a joint. statement.

Guild chat, same thing with weed smokers. Trade chat, same thing. Good for you man. You smoke weed. Do you want a medal or something? You're the first person in the entire world to do this, I'm sure. Let's all stop and bask in your glory because you're so amazingly cool.

What are you possibly trying to accomplish by telling me you're smoking weed? Are we all supposed to just stop playing and start talking about how great smoking weed is?

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