why do people think obama is not a citizen

Todd also asked Trump how he'd feel should a Muslim president actually be elected down the road -- not a far-fetched idea, as the population of Muslim Americans is
by 2030. Trump's response wasn't terribly shocking. ould I be comfortable? I don t know if we have to address it right now," he said. "But I think it is certainly something that could happen. " "I mean, some people have said it already happened, frankly," Trump said, presumably referring to Obama. "But of course you wouldn t agree with that. " on whether he believed Obama was Christian but the candidate said he didn't "talk about people's faith" and added that he was "willing to take [the president] at his word. " Despite his reluctance to address an individual's faith, the candidate made a point to note that he "love[s] the Muslims" and thinks "they're great people" during a stop at a high school homecoming Saturday night.

He before reversing himself to say he believes there is, in fact, a problem there. "I feel strongly that Muslims are excellent.

I know so many Muslims that are such fabulous people," he told Todd. "But there is a problem. I mean, there's no question about it. And we can be politically correct and we can say there is no problem whatsoever. But the fact is there is a problem with some.

And it's a very severe problem. " Also on HuffPost: One in five Americans still have misperceptions about President Barack Obama s place of birth and even more believe he is not a Christian, according to a new CNN/ORC poll that shows old superstitions are not easily put to bed. Obama, who was born in Hawaii and is a Christian, has been suspected loudly by some of being neither.

The latest poll shows that 20% of Americans believe Obama was born outside the United States, with 9% saying there is solid evidence to prove it and 11% saying it is just their suspicion. More Americans believe the president is Muslim, with 29% of Americans saying they think the President is a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans. Donald Trump questioned the president s birthplace in 2011 when he was considering running for the presidency, pushing for the release of his birth certificate.

Obama did release a long-from birth certificate in April 2011, showing he was born at Honolulu s Kapiolani Hospital on August 4, 1961. Over 60% of Trump s supporters say Obama was born in the United States, compared with 71% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters. The poll was conducted among 1,012 adults with a margin of error of 3%. [