why do we have to study literature

I am sensing frustration on your part. P Perhaps you don't like reading? P When my students tell me they don't like to read, my answer is always, "Keep looking. P You haven't found a book yet that speaks directly to you. "
To answer your question, literature should be studied for a richer life. P Without it, we miss out on so much. P Think of all the places we get to go, people we get to meet, situations we get to experience without ever leaving our living rooms! P Without readingPabout these people, places, events, we quite possibly would never experience similar situations. P By reading about them, discussing them with others, thinking about how we would react in similar situations, we are learning. P We are gathering information and tools for our life toolbox.

P Every book you read changes you. even if only slightly. P You are a different person on the other side of it whether you recognize it or not. P You are learning, collecting material, developing personality, discovering likes and dislikes about yourself. P You are studying the human condition, and this is important because you are part of the world itself. P Reading provides for a richer, more fulfilling life. P Can you live without it? P Sure. P Some of us can. P I, for one, would absolutely wither and die if I could no longer read. P But without the enrichment and fulfillment that reading brings, life would be considerably less luminous. Check out the link below to see what others have said about this topic.

P Thank you for using enotes, and keep reading! P Good Luck! To understand as to why we should read Literature effectively it is necessary that we delve into the evolutionary aspect of literature, if not in detail at least in it's brevity. Though from the nascent stages of human evolution, the man's quest for gaining an insight into the arts and culture was prevalent, the main thrust upon this quest had got substantially triggered off with the advent of the Renaissance period of europe. P This instinctive quest was basically propelled by the man's curiosity to understand the causal factors responsible for the individuality and the uniqueness among the the sections of human beings. If we take a look at the vedic period wich has its roots in the East, this quest presumably had germinated much earlier to many of the other cultures the world wide.

P The Vedas segmented into Upanishads [i. e. vedic treatises dealing with the broad philosophical concepts and problems] had their basic focus upon the necessity of socialization of the human beings, by debating issues pertaining to moral, evil and of good, necessary for peaceful and hormonious co-existence. Similarly when we take a look at the western culture, we find that literature was dominated by the religion with church prevailing at the helm of the human affairs. P With the advent of the Renissance period the quest had got highly accentuated by the humanist concepts and socialization.

The field of literature had foused its attention mainly on History and politics. At this juncture it would be more appropriate to take a look at the master piece of Spencer's "The FAERIE QUEEN"P produced during the Renaissance period. P The first book personifies the Holiness, the second one Temperance, the third one Chastity, the fourth one Friendship the fifth one Justice and the sixth one Curtesy. Now if we take a look at the cardinal virtues we have seven of themP 1. Justice 2. Prudence 3. Temperance 4. Fortitude 5. Faith 6. hope and 7. Charity. It is well settled that if we keep all these virtues which when instilled among the people would lead to proper socialization and socially hormonious co-existence. But if we keep these in mind and launch a search for them no science or no other art would be as complete and useful as the art of literature.

The different generes of literature in the form of poetry, prose,drama or any other form of literature are the manifestations of this good social order. P As Mahatma gandhi had observed that of all the arts that a man tries and learns to cultivate perhaps the most difficult art of accomplishment is the art of living. P It consists in true understanding of the life and so regulating ones conduct to reach that goal nearer and nearer everyday. P Let us learn that art and that literature which speaks to millions and millions of people, it is justified that literature is the main source usefull to learn the art of living.