why do we have to pay for xbox live

I'm under the impression that the silver membership is free. You only pay for the gold service. (which you get free for a month). So far as I can tell you can play your games online with the silver service. Don't ever pay extra to play something you've already bought, it just enables more companies to pull crap like this with every title or service that comes along. It's your willingness to bend over and take it that keeps these kind of business practices afloat.

My Xbox is not my cell phone. It is not my cable internet provider. It is not a credit card. I will not pay every month to use it's 'service'. Whomever made the point about the ADs is spot on as well. They make enough off of advertising to support whatever 'service' we pay for, or that microsoft claims to provide.

You cannot play online with a Silver membership. XBOX Live is only $4. 16 a month if you pay for it yearly. If that is too much for you to pay then I'd imagine that you don't own many games in general for any system. Microsoft has not raised the price once in the 5+ years of XBOX Live and I doubt they will anytime this console generation. $4. 16 a month is practically free and pays for a much more reliable and stable network than what Nintendo or Sony have to offer.

I get so many disconnects on PSN that it drives me insane! And the Wii's network is a joke with the only highlight of it being the Wii Shop Channel.
Shaolin015 posted. As multiplayer is the only option on this game is it fair we pay for Xbox live.

On psn they don't have to pay for psn plus to play black light retribution (an online only fps), elder scrolls online, ffxiv, war frame. All the games that are multiplayer online only are exempt from the pay wall. Just tell me it's because they can't program a back door to get around the Xbox live pay wall or something. Because this have to pay for gold for all this and Netflix and everything else seems more than greedy Since you had to make the comparison to PSN+, why do you have to pay to play online at all on PSN now. it was free last gen?

These aren't charity organizations. even SONY is in it for the bottom line and you can bet your ass they'd love to get some of that XBL sub money. which they're obviously working on it. Give it time.