why do panic attacks happen out of the blue

Hey, I'm glad I'm not alone with this dreadful phobia. I had my first panic attack when I was 8. Yeah, I can remember it. I was out in the living room playing super nintendo and I had no clue what panic attacks were and I wasn't even nervous. I was as calm as a clam. and bam, my heart began to race. I got up feeling weak and thinking I was having a heart attack. My mom was in the washroom and I kept knocking on the door telling her I had to pee (I don't know why I didn't tell her I was scared). but the panic attack was gone by the time she got out.

This makes me believe that if it runs in your family you can get it whether you are stressed out or not. My panic attacks didn't really come back. There were times when I was 16-18 that I would be rapidly breathing and shaking. but for some reason it wasn't THAT bad, like my heart would be fine. I was just really tense.

Now I'm 22 (still don't take medication for depression) and I get full panic attacks. Last year I was in an ambulance. 20 times? Here are the things that help me. Ice Cold Orange Juice with lots of Vitamin C (Gulp it down). A Boiling hot shower (Just stand in there however you like. ) let the water go to cool later. Crying (sometimes if you just let it all out it will stop an attack, because once your done you might feel tired from crying and you will feel better. )
A heating Pad!!!

Okay this thing works wonders. It's this thing that smells like flowers and you heat it in the microwave. You can breath it in or you can put it on your chest. it feels like calmness. if that makes sense. Eat lots of food, if you miss meals that can give you an attack. When you start to calm down watch a funny movie and drink something hot or cold. Sometimes I actually fall asleep with a movie on =P I have a lot more methods. but those are some of them.

I am afraid of getting a panic attack too. I live alone so. usually I have to help myself. so instead I am afraid of getting one when I go out. I usually hold a can of V8 with me when I go out. I sometimes even bring the heating pad. Because that's the definition of a panic attack. They are triggered by something, it all works by triggers, a smell, a sound, a sensation, and this trigger or you can say switch, turns on the panic attack, like a TV channel.

One small thing brings up trauma. It's like when you take notes in school, your goal is to write in key words to remember what you learned, not to write word for word. So memory words by small reminders that are attached to large amounts of information, memories or events. It's how the brain works. Use this to your advantage.