why do republicans want obama to fail

CORE MESSAGE Republicans want Obama to fail more than they want America to succeed. Define : Obama does better when America does better, so Republican politicians have been sabotaging our recovery since day one. Use analogy : That's like setting fire to the house, keeping your foot on the water hose, and telling everyone the firefighters did it. Values : It's the worst kind of politicians who keep voting against their own constituents' interests -- so their constituents will vote against the President. Share : On President Obama's inauguration day in 2009, Republican leaders -- including Romney's VP pick Congressman Ryan --
how they could sabotage and undermine the economy in order to make the President fail.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a. " Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann: ". " Last year alone, Washington Republicans tried to. When asked about the potential for more job losses, Speaker John Boehner said, ". " They threatened to shut down our government, which would have. They brought our nation to the brink of default by threatening not to pay America's bills, and -- even though the default crisis by itself.

Their brought us the, the first-ever downgrade of America's perfect credit rating. They didn't even want. Let's remember -- a month into his presidency, they to. They unified in voting against the President's American Jobs Act, which would create 2 million jobs, even though it's based on proposals they. If Republican politicians hadn't to lay off our teachers, cops, and firefighters and block efforts to put Americans back to work fixing our , the unemployment rate could be. And now, Republicans have nominated Mitt Romney for president, even though economic experts say that implementing all of would "push us deeper into recession and make the recovery slower. " Even Romney admits that massive spending cuts will " " -- but he supports them anyway.

We develop messaging by aggregating, analyzing and distilling polling, tested messaging, and expert recommendations, and monitoring the media to identify what is and isn't working. See here for some of the experts and organizations we draw on. During a conversation with Jared Bernstein and Joy Reid, Al asked the duo what they thought about Republicans talk of jobs being the biggest issue for the 2014 midterm elections.

After Sharpton claimed Rush Limbaugh the "leader" of the GOP, a statement he often makes on his MSNBC show when attacking the right-wing talk show host, Joy Reid said she "loved" the comparison then said, I mean the Republican Party really is governed by its media industrial complex at this point the media wing really drives the policy! Reid continued that Republicans "prime directive" from the moment President Obama was inaugurated for his first term was just to make sure he was not re-elected. She then stated, Notice how upset Republicans would get. every time the unemployment number would tick downward.

They are really read in and their base is married to the idea that Barack Obama is this dictator, that President Obama is the worst thing in the world and they in a sense have an incentive to make the country fail if necessary just so he'll fail! Sharpton and Bernstein agreed. This is not the first time Reid has made unfounded statements about the Republican party's agenda and their voter base. Sharpton's show, Politics Nation, spent all but two segments (including this one) discussing Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal on Wednesday's Politics Nation.