why do some minions have one eye

1 There are 5 different Minion hair styles: Bald, buzz cut, sprout, spiky and combed. There are 3 different shapes: small and plump, medium, tall and thin. There are two different eye types: one eye and two eyes. But did you know that tall minions only ever have sprout hair and one-eyed minions are normally small. 2 Minions speak Minionese, which is a mixture of gibberish and lots of real words from many different languages including French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino.

One of their favourite phrases is: Bi-do which means I'm sorry
3 Minions have been to the dentist. In the first Despicable Me movie they had wonky teeth. Their teeth in Despicable Me 2 were beautifully straight they obviously got the Hollywood treatment. 4 Bob the Minion has two different coloured eyes (green and brown).

This is called heterochromia iridis. Bob joins a number of other famous people who have different coloured eyes including Benedict Cumberbatch, Keifer Sutherland, Simon Pegg and David Bowie. Bob is a mischievous Minion, even by Minion standards.

We first met him at the end of Despicable Me 2, and he s one of the stars of The Minions movie. 5 You can buy minion outfits for dogs. We like it but not sure that your dog will - looky here. Read more. And here's the latest trailer for The Minions. Go see! I started to wonder about this. Some of the minions have one eye, presumably as a way to tell them apart from the others.

But in nature, this is not practical. Pretty much every species needs two eyes to judge distance and right/left co-ordination properly. With one eye, these minions would not be very capable in this area. For example, they'd have no peripheral vision and they'd have problems using their hands without looking down to see what they were actually doing.

I'm guessing given that the Minions are made from genetically mutated DNA, the one eyed Minions are a flawed creation which resulted in them having one eye instead of two. And it appears that only the two eyed minions are actually used on heists, the one eyed minions are serving as manual laborers in Gru's laboritories.