why do some men shave their legs

Men shouldn't really shave their legs unless it's for
medical reasons. Manscaping is usuallyВfocused on the upper half of a the
body в from around the waist and up. But a growing number of men are taking their shavers and razors
south of the border to tackle their leg hair,. The lifestyle magazine ran an extremely unscientific poll of
their readership on Facebook, and found that around half в 48. 4%
to be exact в at least partially shave their leg hair. The remaining 51. 6% of responders said that they don't shave
their leg hair at all, and prefer it to grow all natural. In 2013,
that the number of men seeking leg hair removal treatments at salons had risen sharply.

Why are so many men shaving or trimming their leg hair? This has to be more than the normal shaving of athletes like bodybuilders and swimmers (though we would imagine Men's Health's Facebook followers skew to that side of things. ) Image consultant Aaron Marino told the magazine that he will "take the length and bulk down with a groomer attachment. Just so the leg hair isn't crazy, bushy, and long", and that he himself shaves because it's "cleaner" and he "prefers the look. " It's all about men being more "body conscious" in the 21st century, salon expert Ray Khandpur of Drakes of London, adding that men do it because they don't like the hair or just see smooth and shiny legs as more attractive on men.

So should you shave your leg hair? We don't really recommend it, and we think we're in the majority here. According to a Women's Health Facebook poll, nearly 80% of women prefer men to do little to nothing to their body hair. On aВ , most responders said they think it would be "a little odd" or that it would " probably be a turn-off. " We recommend not touching your leg hair, unless it's for athletic or medical reasons. If the bulk of the hair really bothers you, you can certainly run a trimmer along it to cut off excess bulk.

No one will be the wiser. Ray Khandpur of the male grooming salon Drakes of London says he gets up to 20 men a month coming in to have their legs waxed or lasered. The modern man is a lot more 'body conscious', he says. Some men have succumb to the 21st grooming habit because they don't like the colour of their bodily hair, some think shiny, smooth legs simply look good on men. Err, no they don't. Have these boys gone mad? It's weird Weird WEIRD. I would fa-reak out if I came home one day and found my husband standing in the shower with a razor in one hand and some Veet in the other doing it the "sensitive" way. Not so much because of how it would look. (Although it would look absurd. ) But because it would mean I too would have to start shaving my legs a hell of a lot more often than I currently do.

That's right people: most normal women don't shave their legs silky smooth every single day. But if my man did it as a matter of his normal grooming routine, it would raise the bar I'd feel obliged to keep up. Urgh, there's nothing I hate more than shaving my legs. It's boring and takes forever. But if I slept next to his smooth silky legs all night long I'd feel like I was letting the side down. Another thing for us women to worry about. No, no, no: we just can't encourage this girls.

I'm all up for, but let's face it, it would be an inconvenience on our lives. In the course of writing this blog, I've remembered a story I'd long forgotten; I was probably trying to block it from my memory altogether. Another mate of mine said she came home one day to see her unemployed boyfriend sitting on the kitchen stool Stark Bonkers Naked and shaved from top to toe. Yep, everything gone. From his head all the way down to his bits and bobs, onto his legs, and even his toes. Why? Because he was bored. Bored! If ever there was a reason to get the unemployed back to work, fast, (and hide all the razors in the house), this would be it.