why do some men like to be dominated by women

It is just a method of thinking really. You need to know him well so that you can get into his head. Gain his trust with this and you can go foreward. You will find TRUST is a major component. Find out if he likes Girls playing games with him and the nature of them. Policy Games, where you impose a structure he must abide
and if he obeys you may grant his a special favor.

You may find he likes being humiliated and you make him humiliate himself before you as you appear to be disgusted with him. If he enjoys it put on the drama. But you'll have to gain his trust so he believes in this. Once you are there you could threaten him in a way where he believes your threats.

Perhaps you can convince him you are going to call some Lesbian friends over and they are going to pluck the hairs out of his balls one at a time. If he screams, the penalty will increase exponentially. Maybe you'll permit them to give him an enema.

When the fun and games are to a point where he's quivering, give him one of your World Class BJ's. I am a guy who prefers dominant girls/women. br / I am not a submissive person in general, instead I have a very assertive personality. In most social circumstances I am inclined to dominate, to lead and to be a decision-maker, although I am quite diplomatic as well.

I am also confident and even a bit arrogant, but the later isn t expressed through my behavior, I am usually genuinely respectful, friendly, tolerant. Anyways, that s an overview of some aspects of my personality, which is probably different from what many people would imagine as the likely personality of a man inclined to submit that way: I do enjoy being dominated sexually. br / Dominant, confident, strong-minded girls/women are particularly attractive to me.

That doesn t mean I wouldn t be protective towards them and hold them in my arms, though.

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