why do we have to do speeches

Doing speeches is quite vital to being in businesses, though. If you join a corporation or big office, if you want to get promoted, you have to be able to present. Being 13, I know how touch speeches can be.

But, just like everything in school, it is for a purpose. Just because some people don't like speeches doesn't mean it should be taken out of school. Almost nobody likes math.

But, in order to succeed in the real world, you need to do some things that aren't as fun.
My first reason is that making and performing a speech is a waste of time.

You could be learning something new in those 7 weeks instead of doing that wretched speech! Like learning another language! Learning another language creates more brain pathways or connections which makes you more intelligent!

Isn t that what we strive for at school? I m really hoping that Reremoana s WALT for speeches is NOT scaring kids out of their wits which is the end result.

Also, someone might be repeating their speech from previous years which means they aren t even researching a topic and they stay at the same intelligence level.