why do outhouses have a moon on the door

During Roosevelt's Works Progress
Administration - the WPA - there were teams of builders who built most of the. Considered a luxury by most rural families, newspaper or pages from
old catalogs was more often used. Usually they were 3 to 4 feet square by 7 feet high with no window,
heat, or electric light. Due to the odor, most were
built between 50 and 150 feet from the main house, often facing away
from the house. So that didn't have to smell the unpleasant
odor, many people left the door open while they were using it.

Old-timers will admit that they had trouble breaking this habit with
the invention of indoor bathrooms. Two Story
Outhouses: How in the heck did that work? Well, the
upstairs facilities were situated a little further back so that the
materials released from the second floor would fall behind the wall
of the first floor. There are a few of these old relics still around. The one below was built next to a large store in Gays,. The store has long since been torn down, but thanks to those fine
citizens of Gays, the skys-crapper was preserved.

Two-Story skys-crapper in Gays,
Thomas Crapper: It is a myth that Thomas Capper invented the toilet. Though the man held several patents for plumbing related products, he did not invent the water closet. Why Do Outhouses Have Moons & a Star? The symbolism of using the moon and stars on outhouses is believed to have originated from pagan religions and was used instead of words because of the high rates of illiteracy in earlier times.

In frontier days the moon stood out as a feminine symbol, so public outhouses were affixed with crescent-moon cutouts to signify that the outhouses was intended for use by women. Conversely, the sun, star or sunburst pattern was used to signify the male outhouse, as the sun stood for masculinity. In addition to recognizing the intended users of the outhouse, the shaped cutouts also provided ventilation. The cutouts keep the structure cooler in summer months and provide a little bit of fresh air for the outhouse occupants.

The moon and star shapes on outhouse doors also provided access to light while visiting the facility. Since a lantern could not be taken into the outhouse, the cutout allowed light from the moon and stars to enter into the outhouse at night. Please enable JavaScript to view the An outhouse brings a bit of nostalgia and whimsy to the backyard. Today outhouses are used more as decoration than as functioning. A small, nonfunctional outhouse is an easy way to add a sense of humor to any garden project.

A roughly hewn, ramshackle. When teaching your class about astronomy, you can create a few activities to help your students learn about the sun, moon and. When moving to a remote homestead with no plumbing, an outhouse quickly moves from a quaint decoration and conversational piece to an. Ideas for a Decorative Garden Outhouse. With the availability of indoor plumbing, an outhouse is not a necessity for most homeowners today.