why do some kittens die after birth

by: 2 kids Fort Wayne, Indiana
My cat which is about 7 or 8 months old had 7 babies all together on the 3rd of this month. the 7th baby was born dead, I had to pull it out of her and it was already gone, but then the next day I found one and it was barely breathing. I tried drop feeding it but it didnt work and that one ended up passing away :( then 2 days after that I found 2 more dead, just laying in there stiff after they were all fine a few hours before, she was down to 3 left at that point, then yesterday I found another one stiff laying in there next to her, after we had been keeping a close eye on all of them and they all seemed FINE. She is down to 2 babies now.

I don't understand why they keep dying. She went way overdue too so they werent preemies. The 2 left are the only fat little ones, the others who passed were pretty skinny. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Could my cat have some kind of infection and thats why her babies are dying? Also all the kittens were sneezing alot, and my moms other kitten which is not a part of the litter.

I'm just so confused and sad because of it! I dont have a really good answer. P Or rather, the given advice to let a vet examine her, doesnt works, as you said you dont have a vet at your place. Nor I suppose you dont have any way to get some antibiotic cream?. PP (and which antibiotic would work I dont know. There are forumists who know, not I). Yes, it may be some inflammation. P Cats are often good to conceal pain. We had example of a heroic mom who had fully deweloped sewer mastitis (inflammation in the teats) and she still was willing to nurse her kittens.

I there any color changes? Any pus? P The breast wasnt bigger earlier one week ago? PP (I know most people are not looking daily at their cats teats. P Experienced breeders probably do, but few others). It may be "just" some milk stocking too, now when there is just one kitten left. Any way, you can have some olive oil on it. P Or raw honey just from the bees, is also good.

PP If you have some mild cream for inflammed women breasts, you can surely try with this too. Try to see the kitten is not eating from that teat. PP It may be good the kitten eats from the other teats, it would hurt her if he ended alltoghether. P So good if you are near and see what happens. Good you do have now this goat milk, if necessary. P You know how to give bottle / dropper? P The kitten on its tummy, paws down, head up. The same position as it is nursing from mom. P The dropper aside the mouths, never straigh into the throath.

P Slowly, so there is no risk any dropps of the food come into the lungs. If it is poisoning with inflammed teats? P If it is inflammed with lotsa of bacterias and pus, possible. P But as I understand, if a kitten nurse from a mom with masitis, it usually does NOT get sick from it. P Even if that mastitis is bad. P It hurts the mom, though. PP As said, we did had an example of it. My guess these kittens died from some other reason. Good luck! PP *vibes*