why do my shoulders hurt when i drink

Is it possible to have shoulder pain after drinking alcohol? I know that it sounds strange, but yes, it is possible. Knee or ankle pain are more common, but shoulder pain is also not unusual. The joint pain caused by alcohol consumption is acute rather than chronic. The exact mechanism by which alcohol affects your shoulders is not known. What can cause shoulder pain after drinking alcohol? Shoulder pain after drinking alcohol can be related to an electrolyte imbalance. Another possible cause of shoulder pain after drinking alcohol is a
vitamin B deficiency.

Shoulder pain after drinking alcohol can be radiated from another part of the body like the liver or gallbladder. This is unusual if you consume only a few drinks, and more likely to occur in persons who abuse alcohol regularly and who have a long history of alcohol consumption. It is also possible to have a shoulder pain the next day after you have had some drinks if you fell asleep in a bad position. You might have injured your shoulder somewhere and don't remember it the next day.

One of the conditions that can lead to shoulder pain after drinking alcohol is lymphoma. Alcohol consumption puts stress on the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system is weakened by lymphoma, drinking may cause pain. This leads to a swelling of the lymph nodes in the affected areas. The pain typically appears within minutes after consuming alcohol. The pain is described as either sharp and stabbing or dull and aching. Other signs and symptoms of lymphoma are: swollen lymph nodes, unexplained sudden weight loss, chest pain, recurring fevers, night sweat, lower back pain, fatigue, and rashes.

If you have one or more of the above mentioned symptoms, seek medical help immediately. Your doctor will probably run some tests to find the right diagnosis. Once you start looking for cancer, it is not difficult to diagnose it. In the early stages of lymphoma, especially Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the signs and symptoms are nonexistent or minimal, so you probably haven't paid attention to them. Consume a lot of water, if you have had a few drinks the night before.

This will help with your dehydration, and also help you with other symptoms you might have. If you have other symptoms except shoulder pain that can suggest for an lymphoma, visit your doctor and have some tests. No one I've ever talked to has experienced this, but ever since I first started drinking alcohol (approx. age 13 till now, 27 years old) I get cramps in my shoulders when I drink sugary drinks, such as coolers (Mike's hard Lemonade and the like, vodka with grenadine and juice, etc) but not with other drinks, like cider, beer, or sparkling wine.

When I drink sugary alcoholic drinks in fairly quick succession (i. e. 2 doubles within 1-1. 5 hrs) I get cramps on the top of my shoulders, about where my bra straps lay against them. My bras do not make them cramp at other times, and the bras themselves do not seem to be the problem, as the cramps only occur when I drink certain types of drinks. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Is it lactic acid or something like that?