why do our fingers curl when relaxed

One of the unofficial symptoms of Carpal Tunnel is waking up at night due to increased pain and/or numbness in the hand. and from the fingers and wrist clenching and curling forward into a claw. This not only annoys people, it can scare them. It's not really supposed to do that! Why does it do that? The answer is pretty simple, but like all simple things it takes a little bit of explaining. There is a process that leads up to the hand curling while you sleep at night. It goes like this. 1. Lots of use of the hand. 2. Muscles get tighter and tighter. 3. The nervous system sets those tight muscles as the new normal. So muscles get tighter and stay tight, progressively. 4.

A lot of other bad stuff happens under the skin that you don't notice. And continues to as time passes. 5. The body fights off these negative factors until it starts to lose. 6. You start to feel ache, then pain. 7. You ignore it and avoid thinking about it as long as possible. 8. It -really- starts to hurt, and doesn't go away like it used to. 9. By now, your muscles are REALLY tight. Constantly. 10. When you sleep at night, you think your muscles relax but they don't because tight is the new normal. It's kind of like you go to sleep at night holding up a 30 pound barbell. Because your muscles are so tight, they are constantly pulling.

Since you're asleep and not paying attention, the natural laws of physics take control, and the muscles on the palm side of your forearm (which are tighter than those on the opposite side) pull, pull, pull. The fingers and hand curl forward because the muscles are pulling them forward. And they constantly pull, for hours maybe. And they get tired. And then they start to hurt. And the nervous system gets scared and does what it does best to protect you. tighten up muscles to guard you. The tightness becomes almost a spasm. Imagine holding up that 30 pound barbell for hours. You would get fatigued, then hurt.

The same thing happens while you sleep. And because the curl and muscle contraction can compress the median nerve, you get more numbness and pain. The fingers and hand curling forward is not a neurological problem. It is not because of nerve damage. This is not something to be scared of. It is, however, a good clue that there is something that you need to start dealing with. And you might as well deal with it the RIGHT way.
WOW! Thank you all who have posted comments about this problem. I just today typed this into google just to see if their was anyone like me out there with this same problem, I felt foolish searching, but to my suprise there are others. it seems to me no one has a clear answer yet.

However in my opinion i believe its phychological. I could be wrong. just looking at the type of person that I am. I have always been one that had to defend myself in situations I grew up in a disfunctional atmosphere, was bullied in grammar school then was in a disfunctional relationship years before I married my loving husband. I believe that unconciously my mind is always in a defensive posture and ready to fight to defend myself even today when I dont have to. I believe this point is worthy to be discussed with a qualified therapist who can help in getting someone over a possible rough passed life, where you had to defend yourself all the time.

Im wondering if this is a common trait among women who have always had to fight or have been exposed to some level of abuse, or are there men who have been experincing the fist formimg automatically syndrome I would like to name it the FFAS problem. my opinion is worthy of research. people who form fist in reality are ready to fight,do this make sense? I would love to discuss this with anyone. psychotherapist are welcome to discuss. Lets talk. P. S I have no illness in my body, so I ruled that out. S. S 1/22 /13