why do our eyes tear when we yawn

When we yawn, the facial muscles surrounding our eyes pull tight. This may put pressure on our
(the glands that are neatly tucked away deep beneath our upper eyelids just below our eyebrow bones. ) These glands produce the watery component to our eyes' own natural tears. They are working to produce and release tears slowly throughout the day to coat the surface of our eyes at all times, not just when we cry (think about it, that is why our eyes always look so glossy. ) When the facial muscles tighten during a yawn, causing them to release a small amount of tears that they were storing to release later.

Part of the show Part of the show - - - - - - I don't close my eyes when I yawn, still watering.

Nice try though Justin, Sun, 11th May 2014 I don't close my eyes when I yawn either. Plus, I'm more interested in the reason for increased tear production when you yawn, not just the reason tears may or may not stay in your eye.

Scott, Sat, 12th Jul 2014 I don't shut my eyes when I yawn and they still water. Is there any way to stop my eyes from watering after I yawn? Casey, Wed, 14th Jan 2015 https://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20100715051516AARsoda JJ, Thu, 29th Jan 2015 My eyes water right at the stimulus point - whether by reflex or if I cause myself to yawn when popping my ears.

The yawn doesn't have to happen for me to get enough buildup of tears to spill out of closed eyes.

Sometimes it's quite copious. I think there's more to it than just a stopped drain -- but I like learning that the puncta are for draining tears only. Brad, Mon, 20th Jul 2015 my mum dose not close her eyes an yet they still water whats up with that??????????????? james, Thu, 18th Aug 2016