why do my shins itch in winter

Does winter- make you want to hibernate this time of year? You're not alone. No matter what our age, most of us experience flaky,
at some point when the weather gets chilly. The culprits may be winter wind, dry indoor air, harsh soaps, low humidity, or even a cold-weather. With all that working against us, what can we do to pamper -- and prevent --? The experts offer help with these winter care tips. Clear Away Old Skin Cells Sloughing away dead cells is the first step to pampering your, writes Joely A. Kaufman, MD, in the American Academy of Dermatology's Skin News Briefs.

That's because the clearer the skin, the deeper a moisturizer can penetrate. To shed old skin cells, Kaufman suggests exfoliating with an over-the-counter or prescription keratolytic moisturizer, one containing lactic or. And whether or not you're dealing with normal, sensitive, or, it's always a good idea to exfoliate gently -- a soft scrub is all you need. If your skin is super dry or irritated, talk to your doctor before starting a new skin care product or regimen.

Take Time to Moisturize Once you've got a fresh, smooth surface to work with, soothe winter-dry skin with an oil-based moisturizer. Thick, heavy products like these have more staying power, and keep water from evaporating from your skin. Not a fan of fancy creams and lotions? You can also help dry skin with basic moisturizer ingredients such as, petroleum jelly, or. Whichever product you choose, be sure to smooth on your preferred moisturizer right after a shower, then pat your skin dry. Warm Showers and Baths Only, Please Long, hot showers may feel divine, but they can be damning for troubled, drying it out even further, reports Susan C. Taylor, MD, in Skin News Briefs.

The solution if you're dealing with dry skin: learn to warm up to short, lukewarm baths and showers, which help your body retain its natural, skin-protecting oils. Somehow over the last year I developed sensitive skin but only on my shins. It started about a year ago I put on a pair of wool socks and felt something in them irritating me on my left shin.

I itched it for a few days, developed a little abrasion from doing so freaked out and then didn't touch it for a while, but would put cortisone cream on it. It left a little scar. Since then on both shins my skin gets very itchy--but only on my shins! Additionally, the skin is more sensitive than it used to be--I used a disposable razor a few weeks ago and I still am recovering from the bumps and pimples it caused. I don't have very sensitive skin elsewhere on my body. I think if this was something like psoriasis, it would look much worse (right now at worst it looks like I have mosquito bites on my shins. ) I don't want to pay to go to the dermatologist, especially for something that seems so random, but the paranoid part of me is thinking that in a year they're going to say, It's cellulitis, and now we have to amputate your legs.

Have any of you ever experienced something like this that's so localized? Do I just need a better body lotion or is it possible I have a little something going on below the knees that needs attention?

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