why do we have the american flag

Tell students that being a citizen of a country is kind of like being on a team. You sometimes have to work hard to get along with the other people in your country, and the rules don't always seem fair to everyone, but citizens of the country can benefit from cooperating with other residents. Ask students what they think might make the people of the United States feel like they aqre all part of the same country, despite it's being so big with so many different types of people.

You might suggest to them that people in the United States are proud of the country's history, natural beauty, and diversity. Ask students what they think it would be like if each state of the United States were a different country, with different languages, money, food, and customs. Do they think it's better that they are all part of the same country? Why or why not? Ask students to describe the American flag. What do the stars and stripes stand for? Do they think it's a good symbol for the country?

Tell them that other countries have flags, too. Have students go to National Geographic's
and look at some flags from around the world. Ask students to choose a few flags that seem particularly interesting and to explain what they find intriguing about those flags. What feelings do the flags give them? If they lived in one of those countries, do they think they would be proud of their flag? What do they think the countries might be like, based on what the flags show?

Presentation on theme: "SYMBOLS. Why do we have symbols? Б What does the American Flag symbolize? 1790- First trip around the world 1969- First flew on the moon. "Б Presentation transcript: Why do we have symbols? Б What does the American Flag symbolize? First trip around the world First flew on the moon What is a symbol? A symbol is a picture or image that tells the viewer something, communicates an idea, belief, gives direction, and informs.

COLOR The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colors are orange, purple and green. Cool colors tend to mean calmness, serenity, and sadness. Blue Green Violet. Warm colors tend to mean action, warmness, and anger. Red Yellow Orange. What colors will you choose to help communicate the meaning of your symbol? Could this yellow color be used to grab your attention? Shape Shapes form where lines meet. Geometric: Square, Circle, Triangle, Oval, and Rectangle are a few geometric shapes.

Organic Shapes: Non geometric shapes, often found in nature Are these geometric or organic shapes, or both? Now, create your personal symbol! 1. What do you want to symbolize? Maybe something someone could learn about you? A life lesson or an event? 2. Are you going to use warm or cool colors for your symbol? 3. What kinds of line will aid in the meaning of your symbol? Diagonal, horizontal, curved?