why do rabbits dig holes then fill them in

(Sangrur, Punjab, India)
I have a doe and a buck, I wanna know if shez pregnant. Shez digging holes, deep holes in our park and then fills it again after some time. I don't know their breed - they are white coloured and red eyed. We set them free in the morning and put them in the cage by night. She does this all in the mean time. My servant looks after them. It would be kind of you to tell me if she is pregnant and whether she will kindle in the night time only.

Thnx ***** Karen Sez ***** Okay, I'm putting on my bunny-brains. I'm pregnant, and I'm outside in the park, so I dig a burrow to prepare for my litter. But then the two-legged person puts me into the cage at night, so I am afraid to reuse my burrow the next day. Not at all sure if I understand correctly. But, if the doe is pregnant, are you keeping records as to her due date (31 days after breeding)? The doe will need a burrow or a nest box by day 28.

If you aren't sure, it is probably time for you or your servant to provide a consistent living space for the doe, whether in the cage or in the park. Perhaps you could sink a cage into the soil by around 30-50 cm, so she could do some digging, but still be protected? If so, be sure that the cage is not open-ended underneath, or the doe would be able to dig her way out of the cage. Yes, rabbits tend to kindle at night most of the time. Just so you know, the does do the digging.

Digging is instinctual, and while I'd certainly suspect pregnancy when seeing compulsive digging, it is not necessarily proof. Given the fact that the doe and the buck are released together during the day, I'd guess 99% chance yes, pregnant. Also, just so you know, once the babies come, the buck will re-breed the doe immediately, if they are given access to each other. So, going forward, you may wish to carefully plan how you allow the buck and the doe to interact, allowing access only when you want another litter.

According to http://www. indg. in/agriculture/on-and-off-farm-enterprises/agri-onnoff-rabbit, a red-eyed white rabbit, especially if weighing around 9-12 pounds (4-5. 45 kg), is probably a "White Giant. " My guess is this would be a cross between New Zealand White and a Flemish Giant. The site also mentions the New Zealand White rabbit, but lists its weight (in India) at between 3-4 kg (6. 5 - 8. 8 pounds).

Hope this helps, Gulmehak, and God bless you. I've definitely read somewhere (can't remember) that a doe may build a nesting burrow away from the main warren, have their kits there and seal up the entrance to keep it safe from predators and competing does. They only feed the kits once per day so have a daily routine of opening it up, feeding and closing it back over again. I think there's a you tube video of a wild bun doing exactly this.

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