why do people on tumblr hate nickelback

The Internet will crucify me for saying this, but here it goes: I actually
liked Nickelback once upon a time. When I indulged in the occasional rock fareБI m now a pretty strict pop dudeБI enjoyed the band s catchy (yet wail-filled) All the Right Reasons (2005) album. (The LP turns 10 years old today. ) Photograph is cuteБperhaps a tad cheesy.

Savin Me makes for great driving music. And, hell, Far Away has some beautiful lyrics. But for whatever reason, the Web loves to hate on Chad Kroeger and company. Every friend I polled about Nickelback expressed hate for the band but couldn t give me an exact reason why.

Some blame the group s generic rock sound. Others say their lyrics suck. Some just detest Chad s Ramen noodles-esque hair. (OK, I sort of understand that last argument. ) Is there a clear answer here? If you Google, Why do people hate Nickelback? several responses pop up, but do any of them hold water? Let s go through the three main gripes with the band, and you can make up your own minds in the comments below. (Please note: These reasons don t reflect the VH1 staff s opinions, but what we saw frequently on the Internet in Nickelback forums. ) Where do you stand on Nickelback?

Love them? Hate them? Don t give a fuck?

Let us know in the comments. anonymous submitted to Why? Tasteless lyrics (either sleaze with no substance or try-to-be-meaningful-but-falls-short), too simplistic instrumentation (no solos or amazing guitar licks) yet it fails to be as catchy as an average pop song or even an indie rock song, bowel movement vocals, overplayed and overhyped (the former more so on adult contemporary stations, at least in my place).

Then again, I can say the same for bands like Daughtry (except change the part for lyrics - their lyrics are the sappiest, most vacant rubbish I have ever heard). Hate them and Nickelback with a passion! :(