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By David Gelernter. Mr. Gelernter, a professor at Yale, is the author, most recently, of Machine Beauty: Elegance and the Heart of Technology (Basic Books, 1999). There are two competing theories about the Sept. 11 massacres. The Israeli-connection theory holds that we were hit because we are Israel's only friend in the world.

The Great Satan theory, on the other hand, deems the Israel connection to be only a sideshow.
Do Muslims around the world really hate the United States? By Special to As the Republican candidates for president take the debate stage in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, the race has oddly enough turned into a referendum on the in the United States в and on the 1. 6 billion outside its borders.

Evidence that the couple behind the San Bernardino terrorist killings were Islamic extremists, with or without ties to organized groups, has turned the views of America held by Muslims outside the United States into a contentious topic of public debate.

Donald Trump has proposed barring Muslims from entering the United States, in part because of their alleged anti-American sentiments.

A majority of Americans oppose such a move, according to both the latest NBC News/ Wall Street Journal and the most recent Washington Post/ABC News.

But in the Washington Post /ABC survey, a majority of GOP voters supports the idea. So, as the campaign season intensifies, more is likely to be heard about Muslim views of America in the weeks ahead. Read more at