why do my pizzelles stick to the iron

Iron's not hot enough, I think. Is it electric or
are you heating the iron on the stove? Not hot enough? You sure? (not questioning you). It's an old school one from I assume the 50's or 60's. But, it's defiantly electric (nice fabric cord). I just read somewhere to make sure it's really really hot and re-season it every-time w/ crisco or put crisco on a slice of bread and let it burn the crap out of the bread.

I put the dough away in the refrigerator last night hoping the coldness would help the dough from getting burnt. So, tonight I will scrap the burn dough out (yay) and season the crap out of it hoping to make it work this time. I did make them 2-3 times but this time seems like it really isn't working.

Hello, I recently purchased a Cusineart brand pizzelle iron. The first time I used it (and I've only used it once so far), the pizzelles were sticking horribly. I even tried brushing the iron with vegetable oil. While this worked for the pizzelles I made immediately after brushing with oil, the next two I would press would still stick.

About 25% of the pizzelles I made from this batch were broken due to the sticking. Since it was sticking so much, I was forced to constantly clean the iron while I was making the cookies, since pieces of cookie in the iron make the sticking even worse. I followed the recipe for the batter exactly although I used pure cane sugar instead of refined sugar.

Could this have made a difference? The Cuisineart pizzelle iron is plastic. I've made pizzelles hundreds of times on my parents' press, however their's is a different brand and I think it may be metal. I've never had this problem with sticking cookies on their press.

Could this make a difference (metal vs plastic)? I'd like to make another batch before Christmas and I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions to avoid cookies sticking to the press. Usually pizzelles are a piece of cake for me, but this was quite frustrating. Has anyone else had this experience with this type of iron? Thanks!