why do they hate us fareed zakaria

But here's another way to think about this. In America, African-Americans make up, yet they comprise about 50% of homicide offenders, according to a. Now we understand -- I hope we understand -- that when we see a black man on the street, we cannot and must not treat him as a likely criminal. It would be dehumanizing, unfair and racist.

In America, of all places, people should be treated as individuals and not as stereotypes from a racial, ethnic or religious group. And remember, the Bangladeshi cabdriver who drives you to the airport has nothing, nothing to do with ISIS, even though he is also a Muslim.
Why do they hate us?

This isPa question that hasPoftenPbeen askedPsince the September 11 attacks almost 15 years ago, and it s a question being asked oncePagain in light of the recent terrorPattacks in Boston, Brussels, Beirut, Paris, Mumbai, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino. CNN hostP Fareed Zakaria wrote about terrorism and rage in anP, and he picks up where he left off inPhis new hour-long special Why They Hate Us, which premieresPMonday, May 23 at 9 p. m.

ET on CNN and CNN International. Every time we hear of another terror attack, we wonder what motivates these people, Zakaria tells TVNewser.

I tried to answer these questions looking at religion history and politics. ZakariaPchallenges intelligence experts, religious scholars, policy influencers and violent jihadis and manages to getPrarely heard answers. Since in some ways this is the central security question facing America, fundamental to even understanding some of the challenges facing the U. S. troops now heading to Syria to fight ISIS, I hope people watch, Zakaria says.

During the broadcast, producers of Why They Hate UsPwill interact with viewers via Twitter, using the hashtag #WhyTheyHateUsPwith user questions and comments about the special.