why do the back of my hands itch

If you have itchy hands no rash and any amount of discomfort, you may be wondering what caused it and how to make it go away. Itchy hands can be intolerable or just a mild irritation. You may notice that scratching only worsens it.

There may be numerous causes from skin allergies, contact dermatitis to something serious. If you have itchy hands that canвt be explained it is always good to consult your doctor.

Let s learn more information on itchy hands no rash and home remedies you can try for relief.
Some people suffer from itchy hands or feet that tends to come and go.

But this itching can be a little bit frustrating for many, particularly if it takes places while performing daily activities, leading to distraction and poor performance.

On occasion the itching may even be too intense to be relieved without damaging our skin with fierce scratching. New studies suggest stress and anxiety can actually lead to or increase hand itching, exacerbating the problem considerably.

If you have itchy hands, you might want to keep calm and get your worries and frustrations under control before tackling the itching.