why do people not go to church

No, of course not. Churches will always be here. But you can be sure, churches are going through more than a mere "transition. " I study these things carefully. I counsel church leaders within every denomination in America, having crisscrossed this country for nearly two decades counseling congregations as small as two hundred in attendance to churches averaging nearly 20,000 in weekly attendance.

As I see it, there are "7" changing trends impacting church-going in America. In this first of two articles, I'll address the "7" trends impacting church-going. In the second part, I'll offer several best practices that, as I see it, might reverse the trends contributing to the decline.
David Murrow's book, struck a chord when it was published in 2005.

Seven years later, male church attendance is still low. So David went searching for the answer. What he found is reported in (Thomas Nelson). Drew Dyck talked with Murrow about reaching men and creating a church atmosphere in which they can thrive. How can churches attract men? Make very simple changes, mainly in the area of d cor, language, and culture.

These can be very subtle. Here's a piece of low-hanging fruit: If you want a church full of men, simply bring an object into the pulpit every single week. Take your 25 minutes and build it around an object lesson, and I guarantee you in two years you will have a church full of men because men will pay attention.

They'll be thinking, When is the object coming out, and what's it going to be? Of course, I'm just ripping off Jesus. His teaching was very concrete. He says, "Show me a coin. Whose face? Whose description? " He was so visual. He's walking through a wheat field, and says, "Look, the fields are white for harvest. " Or, "Go ahead, Peter.

Step out of the boat. Feel the water on your feet. Feel the wind on your face. " He was such a concrete teacher. So that's what I'm saying: steal from Jesus. He's more than willing to share. You write that megachurches have done a better job reaching men. What can small churches do? My heart is for small churches. I grew up in small.