why do people make fun of fat people

I personally am not fat, but **** makes me rage. Why would you make fun of someone who's at the gym trying to better themselves? If it was a fat guy at mcdonalds going ham on 3 big macs you have free reign to laugh, I probably would too. But why the guy who's committing himself to the gym and trying to improve his lifestyle and physique? It's usually the skinny phaggot high schoolers who're doing the laughing too.
1. б б б They think being fat is the sole reason for all their miseries in life Б from acne to rejection from graduate school. 2. б б б You can never go shopping with them because they wonБt stop asking you questions like: БDoes this shirt make me look fat?

Б БDo these shoes make me look fat? Б БDoes this room make me look fat? Б 3. б б They always have their eyes on your food. ThereБs a reason why we give you leftovers. ItБs not because weБre done eating; itБs because you stare us down until we choke on it or fear that we will. 4. б б They think theyБre doing mankind a favour by going to the gym and walking on the treadmill Б at minimum speed, mind you. 5. б б They whine about being fat but will unleash their wrath on you if you ever say the same to their face. 6. б б ItБs perfectly okay for them to tease and bully the skinny kids, but if someone calls them by the БfБ word, itБs immoral and inhumane. 7. б б Since when did БfatБ become a dirty word? 8. б б They eat when theyБre sad, they eat when theyБre happy, they eat when theyБre hungry, they eat because, why not?

They take their breakfast, lunch and dinner and they still have room to binge because, hey!

YouБve got to have a decent snack right? 9. б б They ruin sleepovers because they snore like nobodyБs business and the whole blanket rolls around their circumference, leaving the skinny ones shivering.

But nobody should complain because Yokozuna there might feel left out. 10. б б They sweat profusely Б all year round. Yeah, we all get hot flashes once in a while, but expecting people to turn on the air conditioner when its -1 degree Celsius outside is a little inconvenient. Published in The Express Tribune, December 26, 2010. Update: December 27, 2010 The editors recognise that 10 things I hate about fat people may have caused offence and would like to apologise to all those whose feelings have been hurt.

The I hate lists are politically incorrect by their very nature, but are meant as humorous pieces and are not intended to single out or stigmatise any segment of society. Readers are welcome to send us their own 10 things I hate about I hate lists to and we promise we ll publish the best one.