why do terrorists hate the united states

There's also the problem of blowback. David Kilcullen, who advised Gen. David Petraeus on terrorism, and Andrew McDonald Exum, of the Center for a New American Security, recently argued: "on balance, the costs outweigh these benefits. " By their count, drones have killed 700 civilians and just 14 terrorist leaders, a 50-to-1 ratio.

Writing in the
New Yorker Jane Mayer contended that the campaign to get one particular terrorist killed between 207 and 321 other people along the way.

Even if the ratios are not so unbalanced, as claimed by U. S. officials, Kilcullen and Exum warned that "every one of these dead noncombatants represents an alienated family, a new desire for revenge, and more recruits for a military movement that has grown exponentially even as drone strikes have increased. " But here's another way to think about this.

In America, African-Americans make up, yet they comprise about 50% of homicide offenders, according to a.

Now we understand -- I hope we understand -- that when we see a black man on the street, we cannot and must not treat him as a likely criminal. It would be dehumanizing, unfair and racist. In America, of all places, people should be treated as individuals and not as stereotypes from a racial, ethnic or religious group.

And remember, the Bangladeshi cabdriver who drives you to the airport has nothing, nothing to do with ISIS, even though he is also a Muslim.

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