why do my pages load so slowly

But I cannot figure out why. I have tried adjusting browser settings, clearing cache, clearing the extensions. My PC is Virus and Trojan free. I know its not my ISP, because when I play league of legends on my PC or any other online game, it loads up VERY FAST and connects to the server quickly, with no lag solid ping. Ive done speed tests on the speed test sites and everything is normal
Also. Netflix on all my wired and wireless devices runs smooth. All my other devices in the house (Phones, laptops, tablets) that can load webpages are loading them at blazing speeds when hooked wired and wirelessly to the same router. I built this PC myself and its always been speedy. Something happened out of nowhere.

Heres another odd discovery too. certain web pages are loading improperly now as well. facebook takes like 10 mins to load, and when it does, its all text and no images. Youtube's formatting is way off as well and loads slow. Every webpage is taking a good amount of time to load up. Here's another odd thing. I wanted to test something out. so I went to a proxy server website to try and load websites through one of their search bars. the weirdest thing. everything loaded super fast and was formatted properly, yet when I use any of my browsers as normal, its slow as molasses out of no where. The only thing I could find doing searches (which take forever because google also runs super slow now) is that it may be a DNS problem.

Anyone have any clue? Weird huh? Its the same way no matter what browser I use. Literally almost every website takes about 60 seconds to load. It is really weird. I have read through various topics here. but none of them I think have some of the same circumstances (yes the slow loading, but in addition to the pages loading awkwardly as well as the proxy server situation. I thought it would be interesting) If it helps I have a linksys E3200 router. I just felt it. its kind of warm. but I dont think thats it since al my other devices are working excellent when loading pages. My PC is the only one hard wired in though I also use Bit defender as my Anti-Virus protection, and there's no malware spyware or anything as I said before.

I tried running the troubleshooting in Windows 7 on the network, it found no issues, I tried to run in for specific sites. it found no issues. I have re-started my router, and my modem, my PC. The only thing I havent done is change my router settings. but once again. that cant be it because its this PC only thats having the problems This has been going on for about a week. and it seems to get slower and slower. Edited by playgroundlegend, 21 October 2014 - 01:33 AM. This problem started to occur about 1-2 months ago. Everytime I try to attempt to open any kind of page which is using the internet, Whether it be steam trading/workshop, or google/youtube, it will take about 15 seconds to load, or never load at all.

This problem is extremely annoying, as so far it has probably wasted hours of my spare time, and I would really appreciate help. Also to note, along with this problem I get many shockwave flash has crashed problems. I am currently using google chrome, although I still maintain this problem is IE and mozzila firefox. I am on a virgin 50mb broadband with an ethernet cable, about 40 down/5 up (with a virgin router). I have a i7-3820, 16GB of ram, gtx 670, 120gb OS SSD and 2TB HDD storage.

I have already used many techniques to try and solve this, including virus scans, defragmentation, file cleanups, chrome reinstallments, steam reinstallments. Also, with the shockwave flash has crashed I have used all of the fixes that I have been given on google search, with the whole chrome plugins thing. A lot of my things just regularly become unresponsive, and I have no bloody clue what is the cause of it. I know for sure it's not my base internet connection, because my laptop has none of these problems. It could be the ethernet cable I am using, may have to try another one. I never lag in games such as dota, minecraft and battlefield, or have any of these unresponsive happenings.