why do we have only two seasons in the philippines

As you may know, the Philippines is located near the equator of the  earth. The equator has no seasons due to getting virtually the  exact same sun exposure year long. The P
hilippines are just a few  hundred miles from the equator hence having a similar climate. The  Philippines don't really get that cold, it just stays hot all year.  This is also due to the same reason why the equator stays the same  temperature. Also, the ocean plays a vital roll in keeping the  temperatures the same with its mild breeze. The only difference is  that the Philippines gets just a little more sun in the summer and  a little less sun in the winter.

The sun exposure length is  slightly less in the winter than in the summer so this means that  the temperature will be slightly less in the winter than in the  summer. There is approximately a five degree difference between  summer highs and winter highs.      Actually the Philippine seasons are "dry" and "wet" or "Monsoon" as  some people call it.    The month that has the highest average temperature is April with an  average high of 93 degrees F and approximately 32-35 degrees C.      May through October is really wet in the Philippines with over 60  inches or rain in that period.

December through April stays  relatively dry with the occasional shower in December.      Temperatures in the Philippines normally stay between 93 for the  Summer high and 71 for the winter low. Not much variance at all.      To wrap it up, the Philippines has tow seasons Dry and Wet.  Fluctuations of temperatures during the year are so small that they  are barely note-worthy.

No more Balanced Climate Seasons in the Philippines Climate seasons was said to be varying depending on what location on the globe your country reside; some have two seasons only like in the Philippines but some have more than two. Actually, if one is a keen observer, there are only two standard seasons, namely when the sun is out up there at its best which is called summer season, and when the sun is too shy to shine which is called cold season or in some other countries it is called winter season where it rains snowflakes; and there is no more than two.

The only reason why some have seasons like autumn and snow time because of temperature changes during the cold seasons or hot seasons in a specific country that experiences more than two climate seasons. But in the Philippines is said to be in the equator of the globe, experiences a balanced tow climate seasons; not too hot summer season and not too cold season. However, because of global climate changes, the Philippines too no more experienced the standard or balanced climate seasons the Philippines used to experience. For recently (I thought it was March- June 2010),the Philippines experience heat wave up to 39 ВC hot, similar to other countries who experiences the same and more than two climate seasons.

Philippines summer season have become too very hot and not normal anymore as compare to past summer seasons back then. But Philippinesв cold season is still on normal range as well as the Philippines typhoon months is still not out of sync, because the Philippines never yet experience snow or heavy downpour of ice or frozen rain drops because its cold season become too very cold.