why do people listen to rap music

Rap music went from an underground movement from the streets of 1970s New York City to a massive force in the music industry, with rap singles topping the pop charts. Since its inception, people have been listening to rap music for its beats, lyrics and, some argue, for its glorification of American violence. Rapping is part of the larger growing hip-hop culture which also includes graffiti writing, break dancing, emceeing and DJing. Rap music, as opposed to pop music, generally relies more on lyrics than melody.

People listen to rap music for its clever and poetic wordplay, cultural references and commentary on life. Much of rap musicБs appeal comes from its catchy beats. DJ Kool Herc invented hip-hop music by isolating the percussion on funk records, putting focus on the Бbreak. Б Rap songs also sample melodies and riffs from songs that people already like. People have been drawn to socially aware groups such as Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five which wrote songs about sociopolitical issues and black nationalism.

According to Jeffrey Mack, who taught a class on hip-hop culture, mainstream rap artists such as Snoop Dog, Eminem and 50 Cent became popular because they help perpetuate AmericaБs culture of violence. Have you seen some of the lyrics? Some of those rappers are EXTREMELY talented, and have a good control over the English language. YouБre obviously making a generalization after seeing a few crappy mainstream rap songs; all genres have good and bad.

Oh, and not all rap/hip-hop is about crime and violence and sex and what have you; just a lot of main stream stuff is. Some rap/hip-hop is meaningful. A good example is alternative hip-hop, which intentionally aims to be pretty much the opposite of stereotypical rap/hip-hop. What is good music and what isnБt comes down to personal taste. Someone could say the same thing about any genre. I do enjoy rap/hip-hop myself, not because itБs cool (I donБt think itБs even popular where I live anymore, people rag on my taste of music all the time anyway, IБm use to it) but because I like the sound of it.

IБve listened to all types of music and I can appreciate most genresБ you shouldnБt be so judgmental over peopleБs taste in music.
Rap is popular. Real popular. Were we to guess, we'd estimate there are probably, like, at least 600-700 people who listen to it each day. That's a lot. Sadly, some of those people are doing so in error. Appealing as it is, too much rap can be a bad thing.

Some people just need to take a break. There are, to be sure, certainly a solid portion of those 600-700 people that listen to rap that should not be listening to rap, just as there are, to be sure, very certainly a bunch of reasons that the people listening to rap that shouldn't be listening to rap shouldn't be listening to rap. Here then, are ten of the easier, most basic signs that you should not be listening to rap anymore. Written by Shea Serrano ( ) RELATED: RELATED: RELATED: