why do wasps build nests in the same spot

So, the other day, I noticed this wasp building a nest on my balcony. I tried to hit it with a stick, but hit the roof, and scared the wasp off. He lingered around, so I threw water on it in order to knock it down and tried to stomp it, but it flew away. I then knocked down the bit of nest, kicked it off the balcony, and went back inside.

Later that evening, the wasp was back. In the same exact space, rebuilding it's next. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to kill it, but I do keep tossing water on it and it flies away.

I then destroy the nest (well, what little of one there is, it's never gotten more than the stem and a bit of the base). The thing keeps coming back, and to the exact same spot. What's the deal? Why, after being repeatedly chased off, does it keep returning to my porch?

And more importantly, why does it keep going to the exact same spot?
The nest actually has to be removed and the area sprayed with insecticide or the wasps will always return and rebuild the nest. Spraying it with water won t help as it won t harm the nest.

Your mom could buy wasp insecticide and spray the area at night (a cool night is best) when the wasps are inactive. But IMO, it would be better to call a pest control company to do it. I had a huge problem with wasps last summer and the pest control company got rid of it with one visit.

The wasps can return and build a nest in another location, but it s probably too late in the season for this to happen. I ve had a minor problem this summer in a different area than last summer.