why do some cats have 6 toes

Six-toed cats have a long history of being associated with ships. In Norway they are known as skipskatt, which means ship cat. Sailors found six-toed cats to be better mousers than their kin with fewer digits, and they believed that they were particularly lucky to carry onboard. The association with shipping might explain the areas of the world that have particularly high concentrations of cats with extra toes.

Polydactyl cats are said to be less common in parts of Europe where they were killed during witch trials. Cats with extra toes were considered more likely to have demonic connections.
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We have a polydactyl kitty that has been at our shelter for over 1 year. They are considered good luck kitties. We had a cat many years ago who had five toes on both her back paws it never made any difference to her, she was the usual sort of cat if there is such a creature and as one lady has said all the more of her to love and I found her VERY easy to love in the 18 months we had her another victim of an r. t. a.

I knew two kitties who were litter mates that both had multiple toes. They were named Sugar and Spice. Spice has gone over the rainbow bridge but Sugar is still here.

They belong to one of my good friends and her family. I had never seen a cat with extra toes before this. So now I always look for them. р Ernie is my poly cat. He has 7 toes on each of his front feet and 5 on each of his back. I just love his big feets! р There s more of him to love!

We have a polydactyl cat named Cricket who has six toes on both her front paws. They look like little mittens and are the cutest paws ever. She is an amazing hunter and grabs things like we do. She s the best. A cool sweet mellow cat. The next best thing to opposable thumbs, right, Jodie? р