why do my nipples taste like onions

I first experienced this with my husband, the weird onion type taste, then a lover. I thought it was just because that was how they were built, nothing more. However it recently happened to me, where I was the one with the weird tasting nipples.

I am a very hygienic person so it really freaked me out and has made me terribly insecure. I don t have implants so I know it s not that. I tried to think of what the three of us (my husband, my lover and myself) have in common; we all drink A LOT of coffee.

I am wondering if that is the culprit? That and I ve noticed as of late, I ve not been drinking enough water.

I don t know if that is what the cause is but I though it worth mentioning.
Dear JACUSTOMER-fepkqhk5; It is probably not his imagination since if enough negative (sucking) pressure is applied to the nipple and areola,the small amounts of fluid that is secreted by the nipple ducts and lakes can be drawn into his mouth.

This has nothing to do with your skin and therefore the soaps, moisturizers,etc won`t matter.

If you actually have fluid leaking from your breasts, however, that is different and would require a visit to your gynecologist. Good luck