why do people let themselves get fat

Its not too hard to work out. Very overweight people don't have the same mindset as us. Maybe we are vein, have more respect for our bodies, or want to impress people. Overweight people definitely have mental issues regarding food. There have been studies that show kids who were underfed tend to overeat as adults.

Its like they're over compensating. Others just make very bad food choices, all that processed food might taste good but won't satiate you, hence they consume more more. The weight then goes up a few pounds at a time until, BAM, they are 20 stone and even more depressed.

Its a vicious circle. You've also got to look at portion control, food is so readily available now, people are just greedier. It only seems to be getting worse.
I got sick in some sense too - I hurt my back to the point that I could hardly walk. I pretty much stopped eating and dropped to around 135lbs, partly because it hurt too much to stand or to sit to take a shit.

I m back to around 160 now; I m not sure why you have to over eat when you re sick. I think some fat people have a distorted self-image. They don t see themselves as fat.

I can t imagine that mama-june realizes how disgusting she looks; because if she did, then she shouldn t step outside. I recall when I started to gain weight after graduating from school; my parents and siblings would crack jokes at me about my gut every time I walked into a room.

It sounds cruel but in some sense, what keeps us in line is our self-esteem relative to how we think people around us will judge us. A lot of people who appear very driven, are only driven because they are insecure about how others are judging them. It s a very powerful motivator.