why do we eat salad before a meal

Q. My family has always eaten salad after our meal rather than before. I ve heard that this aids in digestion. Is that true? A. Although most Americans consider salad to be a first course, salads are frequently served after the entrГe in Europe. Either way, unless there is a substantial delay between courses, the food will be mixed together during digestion and the order in which you consume it wouldn t make any difference. See also: One advantage to eating salad before the meal is that the high water and fiber content of the vegetables takes up space in the stomach even though they are relatively low in calories.

Eating salad before a meal usually reduces the total caloric intake for the meal. See also: On the other hand, having your salad after your entree might encourage you to have a smaller helping of the main course, knowing that another course is on the way. Some people also report that eating salad at the end of the meal reduces the desire for dessert. Because it doesn t affect digestion one way or the other, you can do whichever works best for you. See Also: Salad image courtesy of
To eat a salad before or after a meal has always been a topic for discussion among restaurant diners.

Les Saladesб or salads are usually served before a meal as the first course but for Italians and the French, it matters when to actually eat the salad. In Italy and France, salad is served after the main course, at the end of big formal meals. But for smaller and informal gatherings, salad is served at the beginning. That is the tradition for the French and the Italians but doing so also has great benefits.

Why should you eat your salad? Because it is good for the body. Vegetables added to your meal will give you more fiber and protein. (salad) at the end of each meal also helps with digestion and tasting of the wine. The French believes salad improves digestion after a meal. As for wine tasting, it is said that vinaigrette salad dressing makes the white wine sweeter and red wine stronger. For the Americans, they eat their salad before or during a meal. Eating your Les Salades first actually helps with weight control because you get to eat more vegetables and eat less of the main course.

More especially if one is very hungry, he gets to eat more veggies. Salad before a meal increases vegetable consumption increases by 23 percent according to the БAppetiteБ journal. The vinaigrette is a good way to get vitamins and minerals, as well as, Omega 6 and Omega 3 into oneБs diet so eating salad should be part of your daily meal plan. Eating salad first can reduce your caloric intake. б Does it really matter when salad is eaten? Here at Le Rendez-vous, it really doesnБt matter when you eat your salad.

We just want you to eat veggies. Salade БLe Rendez-VousБ ( Mixed greens, carrot, red onion, cucumber,tossed with house vinaigerette) Salade de Betteraves ( Salade dБEpinards (Spinach salad, bacon vinaigrette, caramelized shallots,tomato, and blue cheese)б Salade de Poirres Pochцes (Mixed greens tossed with port wine honey vin topped with port wine poached pears, rum soaked raisins,pine nuts, goat cheese) Saumon Niцoisб (Salmon, anchovies, olives, and classic niцoise vegetables over mixed greens) Tagged as:,