why do volvos have their lights on

Admittedly, I m sort of rambling here, but those are common questions from friends/family unfamiliar with Volvo and/or European cars. Those questions are usually followed by, Do they work? or Can you really tell the difference? A friend asked me just yesterday as he was looking at the front end of my car. To which I answer yes, they are activated when I squirt the windshield.

Sometimes they ll ask if there are washer nozzles. I tell them I can tell a difference, thought not really when I use them in the fair weather months (spring, summer, and fall), but night driving in the winter when the roads are all salty and nasty. I ask them to imagine driving without windshield wipers/washers and how dirty the windshield gets along with the lack of visibility.

Then I suggest they think about the light emitted from the headlights, sometimes telling them the dirty headlights act as a diffuser (not good) or like trying to shine a flashlight through waxed paper. I ask them if they ever wash their headlights when they wash their windshield at the gas station.

Then they get it. And that is usually followed up with a that s cool, interesting, or some other eureka-type expression. Depending on how interested they are in the conversation (or if they're still confused), I might follow it up with something like, it s a European car thing and that they have some sort of headlight washer, whether they have wipers and/or washers nozzles.
Hi there, today I sorted the problem out.

I positioned the light switch in the middle position ie "0", then turned the ignition on and operated the high beam for 12 seconds. Then released it and turned the ignition off. The dipped beam does not come on again after that whilst the position of the switch is on "0".

Hurray, at last I can drive my S60 D5 without having the lights on all the time, just when I need them. I live in Greece and it is very bright here all the time so At last I have a choice now. I hope it helps others. Edited by petrosc on 09/08/2010 at 00:06