why do they call white people crackers

Cracker, n, (Krah-ker). 1. A type of flat wafer-like food item made from wheat, or grain. 2. A native Floridian, one who was born in, also called a Б. Б
3. A person of descent. 4. A person who. 5. One who Б Б programs, see. 6. A device made to open a canister of. Crackers are most commonly a food item made from wheat or grain, often salted. Crackers are used as a base or vessel for spreads or dips. RJR-Nabisco produces several brand names of crackers such as, and.

Other brands include North Carolina based corporation, and, which makes, and. The БBody of ChristБ communion wafers are made from unleavened bread. A highly misinterpreted word, but which has come to mean. However, the word originated from the American of the 1860s. During this time, Florida, which was a neutral state, provided supplies to many southern states. These supplies were delivered via horse drawn carriage. The drivers used a whip for driving these horses, and thus the slaves called them БCrackersБ as they cracked their whips.

When the slaves heard the cracking of the whip, they would say БCrackersБ a comin,Б and thus the Floridians were given this nickname. However, over time, the Floridians kept the name in their vocabulary, not as a racial term, but as a badge of honor. (Author is a genuine Cracker from Ft. Lauderdale) The now free slaves began to refer to southerners as Бcrackers.

Б Eventually, the term was used as a general term for a white person. ItБs the equivalent of or, used for and respectively. Among other common for whites are, which comes from the term, a western style, or a type of upright used for music. Other usages include the Criminal Hacker, A. K. A. БCracker,Б a person who pirates software or commits illegal acts via a computerБs Internet connection. Hackers fall under. is a common crime associated with hacking, as is the illegal acquisition of or.

Cracker can also mean the device used to open a canister of Nitrous Oxide (N20), also called, which is an inhalant and anesthetic most commonly used in dental work and oral surgery. N20 is a gas; itБs occasionally used in cars as a very high performance fuel. N20 is also found in as the propellant gas that expands them. N20 is comprised of 2 Nitrogen and 1 Oxygen molecule.

A racist insult used by blacks against white people that seemingly isn t wrong, yet it is illegal for us to defend ourselves and call them or. Racism against whites is racism just the same, people. Get some common sense. If black people think they are like they re better than everyone else, they are mistaken. No one is fuckin better than anyone they are equal, until your actions or reputation lowers your social status and respect, of course.