why do my nipples hurt after my period

I started my period exactly one week ago today and it was about a week earlier than I expected it. It lasted about 3 days (heavy bleeding) and then another 2 days of brown "old" blood. I have only been finished with my period about 2 days now. Yesterday I woke up and my nipples and breasts were sore like they get right before I start my period every month, which is very confusing to me!

I have never had this happen. A little backstory: I have had to take Plan B twice in the past four weeks - both times due to a condom breaking or slipping. Could that big dose of hormones be causing the sore breasts? Also I took an HPT first thing this morning and it was negative. What's going on? Has anyone experienced this? Please reply! April 13, 2015 - 3:46am
Lorien83 I m 32 years old.

Never been pregnant, husband s SA was average - but low morph of only 2-3%. This year my cycles are on average 28 days. I usually have light bleeding for 4-5 days with cramps only the first day. Some month s I ll get sore breasts after ovulation and up until my period begins. I had a full hormone panel done 2 months ago and everything was well within normal range.

I am only taking a prenatal vitamin. This cycle was different, and this is my concern: my boobs are still sore after my period and it s been 6 days since I stopped spotting. Due to my husband s low morph, I ve given up on the possibility of pregnancy - but I have to wonder now, because I have *never* ever had sore boobs after a period (if that s what I had).

What the heck is going on? So the first day of bleeding was Nov. 16. Very light bleeding for a day and a half, then brown spotting until the 19th (so 4 days in total). My boobs have been hurting for weeks now, and after my spotting ended I ve been ridiculously emotional - like weepy. To those who might think caffeine is the culprit (cause of the sore boobs) - it isn t because I only drink one small cup a day.

I just want to know WTF is up with my body! Geez! Curse you Mother Nature! I took a pregnancy test on Nov. 23 and it was negative, but I wonder whether I need to wait and retest? I know no one *ever* responds to anyone s posts in these forums - but I thought I d post my experience for others.

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