why do we have human rights act 1998

etc. under this Act. Right to life Prohibition of torture Prohibition of slavery and forced labour Right to liberty and security Right to a fair trial No punishment without law Right to respect for private and family life Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Freedom of expression Freedom of assembly and association Right to marry Prohibition of discrimination Restrictions on political activity of aliens Prohibition of abuse of rights Limitation on use of restrictions on rights Protection of property Right to education Right to free elections ARTICLE 1 OF THE THIRTEENTH PROTOCOL Abolition of the death penalty Abolition of the death penalty Death penalty in time of war In the UK, our human rights are protected by law.

This law is called the.

The Human Rights Act gives you legal protection of your human rights, like your, or your.

There are 16 rights in total, and each one is referred to as a separate, for example,. You are protected under the Human Rights Act if you live in the UK. This includes if you are a foreign national, detained in hospital or in prison.

All or need to follow the Human Rights Act. However, individual and private companies do not. If your, you should first try to resolve it informally, then use a formal complaints procedure, and if that fails you can by going to court.

You should always before going to court. If a court agrees that your human rights have been breached, it can make a. The government would then decide whether the law needs changing as a result.