why do violent video games cause behavior problems

According to Berk, teenagers who frequently play violent video games are more likely to become withdrawn. She states that addiction to violent games is a cause in itself. A 2010 BBC news report about the risk of computer addiction included an interview with a 19-year-old boy who skipped school and had angry outbursts if his parents tried to stop him from playing a violent video game.

The American Psychiatric Association is calling for more research before placing computer games addiction as an international recognized mental health disorder.
qually those who mainly played solitary games generally performed better academically and were less likely to display aggression.

But it concluded that any effects were small and that overall video games were at most a Бstatistically significant, yet minor, factorБ in shaping childrenБs behaviour. Researchers interviewed just over 200 children aged 10 and 11 about their playing habits including how long they spent each day and what types of game they preferred.

Meanwhile their teachers were asked to assess the childrenБs academic engagement, behaviour and ability to deal with problems. Two thirds of the children said they played video games every day Б although boys were almost twice as likely as girls to do so. Around one in 10 said they played more than three hours a day, again a group dominated by boys.

Overall those who played for less than an hour a day were less likely to have problems such as aggression than those who did not play at all. But those who spend more than three hours a day displayed higher levels of aggression and were less academically engaged. БTaken together, this suggests that quantity may play a larger role than the quality of games played Б a counter intuitive finding for many focused on the violent contents of some gaming contexts,Б the paper concludes.

It adds: БThese findings do not support the idea that regular violent game play is linked to real world violence or conflict. Б