why do people have red front doors

IБve always been fascinated with red doors. I think that houses with
red doors look so inviting and classic. But, when I found out the meaning behind them, I knew that for our next house weБd have a red door for certain. This is our front door before. All white and not red. I love redБI love red and white together. This was the first time I had ever painted something like this before, so I was a tad nervousБbut I was determined and I got it done. DonБt mess around with a motivated pregnant woman. б Red doors have 3 meanings. I like the meaning of them all! 1. In Feng Shui, a red door means БWelcome.

Б Actually it means something about welcoming energy. Since IБm not into all that energy and oo-la-la stuff, I just choose to think that a red front door means БHey! Welcome to our home! Come on in and eat! Б I always want people to feel welcome in our home. In traditional America, if someone saw a red front door, they would know it was a welcome place to stay the night and eat. Better than a БVacantБ sign. NOTE Б If you see someone with a red front door, donБt automatically assume they know it means Бwelcome. Б They might wonder why you knock and say БHey, whatБs cookinБ, baby?

Б 2. A red door means Бprotection. Б б This is a Biblical meaning. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew children were instructed to rub blood on their doorposts so that the Angel of Death would pass over their home. A home with red on the door was protected. YouБll still see this today at churches if you pay attention. Many of them have their doors painted red. ItБs symbolic for the protection of God. I know our home is covered in the Blood of Jesus, so why not proclaim it with my door? 3. And finally, the reason we painted our door red Б a red front door means a.

This first started in Scotland. When someone paid off their home, they would then paint the front door red. It was an announcement to the world БHey! WeБre debt free! Б Barry and I would rather shout it over the phone, but a red front door works too. Now every time I look at our door, IБll get a smile. б П Come on in, yБallБ. youБre welcome here. Red front doors call attention to your home's exterior, and make a bright, confident and cheerful statement to passersby. Turns out there's a huge reason why the color is popular around the world.

What are you telling the world when you paint your door red? Well, it depends: In Scotland, people painted their front door to celebrate that they had paid off their mortgages and now owned their homes outright. If you believe in Feng Shui, the color red has a positive energy. By painting the front door red, you are drawing that force into your home. For weary travelers moving through the United States, a red door signified a welcome refuge from the road where they could find shelter and food. Catholic churches used a red door to symbolize blood and to ward off disease and death from within their holy walls.

Red doors were signals to escaped slaves that the house was part of the Underground Railroad. It's rumored that Albert Einstein painted his house door red because it was bright and he could easily tell which one was his. Red is considered really good luck by the Chinese, and many paint their doors red around the New Year, as a way to invite all that happiness and cheer into the household. Elizabeth Arden has a series of retreats called Red Door Spas which are well-known for peace and relaxation.