why do people have one night stands

Have you ever taken a lady home expecting to Бhump and dump,Б but she wanted to start dating after? Or worse. she lingered all morning and refused to leave? If these scenarios sound eerily familiar, thatБs because the world of casual, no-strings-attached
can be a slippery slope to navigateБand chances are, youБre doing it all wrong.

Enter: The MenБs Fitness Guide to One-Night Stands. Abide by our БdoБs and donБtsБ and youБll have flawless, one-night-only encounters from here on out. The Men's Fitness Sex Guide I'm not saying casual sex is for everybody.

But, as Josey Vogels once wrote in her column, "There is a lot to be learned about yourself through purely physical-based encounters, especially for women who are taught that sex is this precious gift that is only to be given away in the most idyllic circumstances.

Meanwhile, men are raised to have a much more casual physical relationship with sex. No wonder we women give it so much emotional play. " In other words, our culture is saturated with the message that women who have one night stands are desperate for attention, suffer from low self-esteem, have issues with men or are alcoholic party girls.

This idea doesn't resonate for me. I think women are more complicated than this idea gives us credit for.

In some circumstances, having sex one time with someone you never plan to sleep with again can be exactly what you want and need, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Here are 8 good reasons I've identified to have the occasional one night stand: