why do people have different coloured hair

Well, there are already two really good answers. To expand on Emilie s answer, hair colour (roughly) works the same way eye colour does genetically so some genes are dominant and others are recessive. This is the reason why two parents with brown hair can have children with blond hair (or even red hair)! But there are still a lot of things about hair colour we don t know like why some peoples hair colour changes as they get older.

A lot of people have blonde or lighter hair as children, but develop brown or darker hair as adults.
If you look around, you may find that there are many different hair colors (black, brown, blond, red, yellow, grey, white, green, pink, blue).

How is that possible? The body produces something called melanin. It is a pigment. Pigments have nothing to do with pigs, but they are the reason for peopleГВs hair color (as well as for skin and eye color). The more melanin there is in a person's hair, the darker the hair of this person will be. So the amount and the kind of melanin produced in a human body is responsible for the color of the hair.

Of all hair colors, black hair is the darkest and most common color. Brown hair is the second most common hair color and people with brown hair are also called "brunettes". Blond hair may range from nearly white to a dark blond. The mixture of blond and red hair is called "strawberry blond".

And as you have certainly noticed, there are also people. Their hair color ranges from fair red to auburn and dark burgundy and is the rarest hair color of all. When you look around you also find many people with. This is because the production of melanin in the body may stop as people age. Therefore an aging person's hair then becomes gray or white.

However, for some people white hair can appear as early as in their childhood. Sometimes в but not very often в even children are born with gray hair. When you spot someone with violet, blue or green hair, this color is not this personГВs natural hair color. It has been dyed with artificial hair color.