why do tampons make my stomach hurt

Anonymous. It s very common for young women to experience discomfort when first using tampons. But don t panic, because it really is possible with just a little practice and patience. First of all, wearing a tampon will not cause pain in the stomach, so the fact that you are having trouble suggests that it s not sitting in the right place.

A tampon should always be inserted up, and back towards your spine, as far as possible. You should pull the string, but not the tampon, back down again. If you feel pain or discomfort it s a sign that it s not in all the way up or that s it s tilted and on an angle, which means you might need to try again (pull it down slightly then push it up straight again).
I have this same problem.

Everything tenses up without me realizing it. Take a few deep breaths to get your body to relax. The reason it won t go anywhere is because things are tensed.

If you take a few deep breaths (in through your nose, out through your mouth), you ll instantly notice things relaxing a bit. If you ve had a few bad experiences (which I ve noticed with the pearls), its a psychological thing and everything tenses up when you go to insert.

Then when you go to put the tampon in, it just will not cooperate. So try that breathing technique, you ll relax, and THEN try to get the tampon in. Even if it means standing there for a few seconds with the applicator inserted. Give it a try and you ll see what I mean. You may want to give the Playtex a shot.

I m going to since I realized that the shape of the Tampax are. just not ideal. Wtf were they thinking? :/ But believe me, chica, I totally understand what you re going through since I have the same problem. Try the above method and let me know how it works for you. :)