why do tall men like short women

Why Do Guys Like Short Girls? This question has been asked so many times in so many places but the exact answer is still unknown. Guys like short girls because they find them pretty and attractive. However, they don t really know the exact reason of this attraction and unlike girls; they don t sit and think about such questions hoping to find a final answer. 1. Guys Feel More Powerful In The Relationship
Our relationship choices are largely determined by our psychological needs.

When a guy towers over his girlfriend, he automatically feels more powerful in the relationship. A guy usually looks at a relationship as a combination of love and constant power struggles so his height makes him feel like a triumphant winner. 2. Short Women Look Like They Need Protection From The World There is something about short women that encourages everyone to protect them.

Short woman look so cute and adorable all the time and a guy who s fond of her will want to keep her safe. Even though short women can be very feisty and defensive about themselves, their height makes them look vulnerable which attracts a guy even more. 3. It feels Nice To Hug Them A lot of guys love the feeling of hugging women who aren t very tall.

I have this friend who s dating a wonderful woman who would be called short by general standard and he can t stop talking about how amazing he feels when he hugs her and her head stops right below his chin. And he s not the only guy who enjoys this experience. 4. Guys Feel Inferrior To Tall Women Tall woman are usually very confident but their confidence often has a lot of pride and arrogance mixed in it.

Since most men have a huge ego (which they can never compromise on), tall women can make them feel inferior to them in no time so short women are definitely a safer bet when it comes to protecting their ego. I didn t used to have a preference per se, though I m fairly tall (6-4) so nearly everyone is short compared to me. My girlfriend is 5-2, and while initially it was a little awkward dancing and whatnot, now that we re intimate I wouldn t have it any other way.

She s the perfect size for spooning (which is how we usually sleep): my arm fits under her pillow instead of under her torso (so it doesn t go to sleep), plus I can kiss her neck/shoulder or rest my cheek on hers. With someone of similar height, I d have a face full of shoulder blades which wouldn t be nearly as nice.