why do people hate muslims so much

A Muslim man was left gobsmacked when a total stranger came up to him and told him why he hated his - until he explained his reasons why. But the Irish man wasn't being hateful, he actually had a perfectly good reason to 'hate' Muslims. Because, in fact, he actually didn't hate them at all. Mouaz Moustafa was travelling in Ireland when he met the mystery man in a Dublin pub, and said he was afraid of what his reason for hating Muslims might be.

Read more: But Mr Moustafa, who is Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, had no reason to be anxious as the lad had the perfect answer. Taking to, Mouaz explained: This Irish dude came up to me randomly and said do you know what I hate most about Muslims? So I took a deep breath afraid of what he may say next but he carried on 'all the damn islamophobia if more people just personally knew a Muslim they'd know not to fear an entire religious group that you are no different than Christians or Jews'.

Read more: He added: Another reason for me to love Dublin and Ireland.
Exactly i think you are totally right, i m not only saying this because i am a Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists and i m sure that many Muslims are against terrorism.

The Muslim religion has been insulted because of society that thinks all Muslims are bad. Its not true at all, whoever has a problem with our religion they are surely wacko. I don t mean to sound rude its just that we are judged because of the way we dress. Wearing religious clothing doesn t give anyone the right to judge and everyone should be aware of this.

Just because we don t put our selves out there and choose be modest doesn t at all mean we are different. I ve seen many people wearing religious jewelry, clothing etc. Many people in my school wear the cross in their neck or something i do not start judging them, because this does NOT bother, it just tells me that Hello, this is their religion, they can wear whatever they want and if i can think than why do so many people out there judge us because of the way we dress.

Its not fair. I m going to go out their and wear my hijab and my abaya and keep my head up high because, a hijab is not only a symbol of my religion its part of who i am, and without this i feel like im incomplete. after this if you people who judge, keep judging than thats your problem. Thank you. в